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Chapter Guides & Publications

To view any of the Guides or Publications listed below, simply click on the image for that document. The document will open in a new window.

01 - American Legion Riders Manual

This manual addresses the history of the ALR, address ALR apparel and patches, applications, and sample ALR By-Laws.

02 - Post 194 ALR Chapter By-Laws

Chapter 194 By-Laws governing the opertions of the ALR chapter and operations.

03 - Department of Florida ALR Breifing

Briefing on the purpose of ALR, critieria for membership, operations and leadership developmnent details.

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ALR Department of Florida Forms and Publications

The ALR Department of Florida provides a service where members can download some of the more commonly requested publications.  The publications are downloadable in Adobe Acrobat PDF.

American Legion Riders National Resources

The American Legion website includes access to the American Legion RIders (ALR) Resources page where members can view or download ALR forms and documents. 

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