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Hurricane Dorian has been upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane and many of its projected paths could seriously impact Florida. The safety and well-being of our members is our number one priority. Please prepare now and have a plan in place should the storm impact your area.

Below is information on the American Legion National Emergency Fund. You can download the application using the link below.



1.       Eligibility open to Legionnaires and Sons of The American Legion members (up to $3,000) Legion Posts (up to $10,000).

2.       Applicant must have been displaced from their primary residence due damage sustained during a declared natural disaster.

3.       Not meant to replace or repair items, only to meet most immediate needs (i.e., temporary housing, food, water, clothing, diapers, etc.) during the period immediately following the disaster.

4.       Does not cover insurance compensation or monetary losses from a business, structures on your property (barns, tool sheds, etc.,) equipment or vehicles.

5.       Membership must be active at time of disaster and the time of application.



1.       Application must be submitted to the Department Headquarters within 90 days of disaster.

2.       Disaster must be a "declared" natural disaster for Legion Family members.

3.       Supporting data (photos, receipts, repair estimates, etc.) should be included if at all possible or statements (testimony) from post/district/department officers attesting to damages to residence requiring displacement.

4.       Only one grant per household per disaster.

5.       Post grants must derive from a declared natural disaster and substantiating documentation must provide that The American Legion post will cease to perform the duties and activities in the community due to losses sustained.

Download Application:


Other Helpful resources:

State Assistance Information Line (SAIL): 1-800-342-3557

Please stay tuned to your local officials and/or log on to the


As always, be safe!

Jennifer Cooper
Fundraising Director


Office: (407) 295-2631 x 222


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